Ethical hackers have an additional path to building wealth during the COVID-19 epidemic. More and more companies are starting to embrace Bug Bounty programs, allowing developers to discover and resolve critical bugs and security exploits before the general public is aware of them. Bug bounty programs have been implemented by a large number of organizations, including Mozilla, Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, Reddit, Square, and Microsoft.

Companies outside the technology industry, including traditionally conservative organizations like the United States Department of Defense, have started using bug bounty programs. The Pentagon’s use of bug bounty programs is part of a posture shift that…

Energy delivery systems form the backbone of America’s infrastructure. Today’s electric power grid and oil and natural gas distribution networks are tightly monitored and controlled using energy control systems to ensure reliable and continuous availability of electricity and fuels that nearly every aspect of American commerce and industry depends upon. This dependence has grown as businesses, homes, and communities increasingly integrate digital technologies and automated systems into virtually all facets of modern life.

The energy sector has become a prime target for cyber attacks in recent years. Although reliable data is hard to come by, the Industrial Control Systems Cyber…

Have you ever wondered how hackers are able to make quick work of leaked password databases even if the passwords are hashed? First we must discuss the basics of what a hashed password means. Cryptographic hash functions are a way to turn a text representation of data into a fixed-length “fingerprint” based on the protected algorithm. If various characters of the text representation are to change, the hash algorithm will re-arrange potentially the entire fixed-length fingerprint to adjust for the change. In good security practice, these hashes are sometimes also salted by adding a random string to the beginning, end…

Ronnie Dove

Ronnie Dove is a technology visionary who has worked on many high visibility Department of Defense Intelligence Community and Commercial projects.

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